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👋 Hi, I’m Robin. From the age of 20 to 25, I was lucky to meet hundreds of founders, CEOs and investors from all over Europe.

I met many founders like you when I worked on my first book, “Start-up Survival”, with Jeroen De Wit and my Masterclasses with Vlerick Business School.

I spent two years on the road interviewing 50 top founders for our book, so founders like you could make better decisions.

At the time I had no car, so you can imagine how many trains and busses I took to interview these people…

Once the book was published, I went back on the road to convince the world’s best experts to teach in our Masterclasses. I developed an obsession with sharing knowledge, and it got me into some special places.

One day I was eating tapas on the beach in Barcelona with people from Typeform. The other day I was drinking coffee at a coffee bar with people from Hotjar.

People always asked me: “How did you, a 20-year old, convince those people?”

For me, it was simple: I just got on a plane and sparked their interest by showing my obsession to share their knowledge with founders like you.

Now, I’m helping you while fulfilling my life purpose. I will help you make better decisions by sharing knowledge.

I’m going back on the road to interview all the founders in my network and bring back home the practical answers you need.

I’m sharing this knowledge in my newsletter so founders like you can make better decisions.

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